Blame enemies of PDP for the botched congress – Mabel Oboh

A Lagos State PDP Chieftain Mabel Oboh has admonished Nigerians to stop putting the blame of every act of misrule in the country at the door step of the leaders as the followers also play major role in this. Oboh, who was once a governorship contestant at the recent Edo 2020
 governorship election said, the outcome of the recently held PDP congress in Lagos State leaves much to be desired.

The outcome was a disgrace to the party as there was already tension before the congress and the security situation around the venue of the congress became worse after it was infiltrated by non- delegates.

Mable Oboh who aspired as the Assistant Publicity Secretary at the botched congress, told Vanguard Newspaper in an interview that it was almost impossible getting the contestants into the venue of the congress because of the mammoth crowd.

Her words, ‘’To begin with, getting the contestants into the venue was almost impossible due to the unruly illegal crowd that came to the venue suddenly. People were almost squashed to death.

The party’s security tried their best to control the crowd. But, eventually they became overwhelmed by the crowd that forced the gates open, giving access to all manners of people, which should not have been the case.

As we all know, accredited voters, contestants and Congress officials, INEC official, approved press officials are the ones allowed into the venue. But the venue was infiltrated by non-delegates, so there would have been obvious over-voting, and we all know what that would have

The crowd was way over 4,000 people. Fights broke out, with women and men throwing punches at each other for whatever reasons most of us could not fathom. It looked like a pre-arranged thing.

Another unusual thing that happened was that there were various unity lists of contestants with each of them omitting the names of some contestants that were duly cleared and issued screening certificates.

There was tension everywhere. It was really like a time bomb. So the trigger was the gunshots that started raining down everywhere. It was really a blessing that the Congress was cancelled based on the circumstances’’

She said it was a huge shame that the congress could not hold again because of the violence and this she attributed as the handiwork of the enemies of the party. Oboh however urged all Nigerians to rise up to the challenges and help in pushing the country to a greater height, a country we can be proud of.

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