Prince Rabiu Adio Oluwa reacts to happening in APC

The current APC crisis in Ajeromi/Ifelodun which resulted to the ruling Party carrying over acrimonies of the Ward Congress to blatant confusion where they had three different Parallel LGA congresses would soon be resolved. This was the affirmation of the party’s Lagos West, Apex leader Prince Rabiu Adio Oluwa who could not give more details as to the current situation in the party. According to him, the matter is an internal crisis that will be handled as family issue and would not be thrown in the public space via the newspaper pages as this may escalate the matter.

He speaks more, ‘’ I cannot give you a detailed answer because I believe that the issue at hand is an internal problem. We are trying to resolve it and we don’t want to discuss this on the pages of the newspapers because it may send conflicting statements which will worsen the situation. We don’t know where everything is going to end.

When people read that this one said this or the other person made this comment, the issue gets worse even as the people at the helm of affairs are doing their best to resolve all issues at hand, but issuing conflicting statements will not help the matter. It will be settled because it is a political issue and two plus two is not always four in politics. Everybody is trying to edge out the other so that they can occupy, for some, they have the posture of whatever you do, I am still going to return there.

For others, they cannot stand it and they will go to another party, like leaving APC to PDP and by the time they go to PDP, they will realize that their internal mechanism and condition there is worse than where they are coming from because where they are coming from is far better. Their new party cannot accommodate them because of their internal mechanism and they will come back to start again with us’’.

The leader who is also a member of the highest political body of Lagos State, Governor’s Advisory Committee (GAC) added that there is an internal mechanism for settling political issues cautioned that he as a man believes in discipline and that is what he is trying to establish in the party as there are people in the party who would want to have their way by all means whether right or wrong. He noted that comparing politics in his time and now is out of question as they were more disciplined and absorbed a lot of things which is not so now.

The apex leader said attention should not just be on APC as there is no party without internal crisis presently. Sharing his opinion on the allegation that some people feel excluded from the benefits of the party, he noted that it’s not only the Ajeromi/Ifelodun people that feel excluded, if you go to other areas, you will receive such complaints.

‘’It is not only in Ajeromi that people are complaining, it is state wide. If you go to Osun, they have their own problems, if you go to Ekiti, they equally have their own problems and even in Ogun, they have theirs. Even as people desire one position or the other, the truth is that whether you like it or not, there must be leadership and there must be followers’’.

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