Again ! Elder Israel Ogunrinde in the News

Elder Israel Ogunrinde, the former Elder Council Chairman of PDP is in the news again. The dust over the role of the PDP chieftain in the last general election and House of Reps rerun is yet to finally douse before now as reference is still done on a farther act of taking to Labor party his candidates to contest for election. Later, allegations arose that he was fraternizing with some members of the ruling party to the detriment of Hon Rita Orji, over some irreconcilable differences with her. However, the PDP chieftain has now renewed his relationship with his Party, The People’s Democratic Party.

 Sources available to Inside Ajeromi News reveal that Ogunrinde is gearing for another war path because information emanating from Ward I and other wards he plans to hold as political fief claim that the chieftain sees himself as the new lord in the party. The elder now wants to dictate what happens in the party and he plans to take control of six wards, while Aare Alhaji Fakunle and others share the remaining five wards.  His major intent  according to PDP sources is to control Wards: I, J, H, K, B, and A and E, so that he would solely impose Mr. Lukman Odumosu, a 2015 House of Reps aspirant whom Party members claim they are not sure if he is still with them, as the state House of Assembly representatives in Constituency I.

 Elder Ogunrinde is also alleged to want to have a say in whoever comes out from the other constituency, as well as produce the LGA Chairman and also pick up the National delegate badge for himself, the same position that Aare Alhaji Fakunle himself wants.

Sources available to Inside Ajeromi News reveal that both leaders met at Chief Bode George office at Ikoyi and both of them were asked to go and harmonize their list of officers.

 The question emanating from the under current scheming of both leaders   is, what would be the position of Chief Francis Chima and his boys who are also plotting to take control of the party list with such names as Mallam Kasimu Ebozogie who had seriously been warming up for the LGA Chairmanship, Owolabi Luqmon as the Ward Chairman for ward J ,Comrade Fasasi Ibrahim aka OmoAlhaja who is eyeing an LGA office and even the DG of the legit Team looking glued to pick up a State position, just like when  Hon Rita Orji  was at the National Assembly. Is the PDP leader daring Omobarca boys  or about drumming or treading a war path to dislodge Team Legit boys as the  standard bearer of the group is said to have conceded the ward Chairmanship position to the leader despite as an aspirant, his ward should have been his only sure ace.

 In addition, on the lips of PDP members is, what will happen to other stakeholders like: Hon Ajiwe, Chief Sunny Mene, Chief Dandison ,Chief Uko,Hon Njideka Okeke and even Taju Balogun Ariwoko who has many party  followers if this game plan checks up.

Our findings also show that Elder Ogunride’s actions may soon hit the walls as a result of opposition from other party members who have sworn that the politician will never have his way. Some  ward aspirants across Ifelodun and Ajeromi are hell bent already against the leader,  In ward  I where the opposition  is gathering steam  (ward C&D LAISEC), Ogunrinde’s group is said not to be the majority and especially worrisome is their long ago absence  and  his followers  rejection of calls to return and reunite with other folds since after 2015 which they ignored only to resurface recently and  be asking for Chairmanship slot and even summoning  guts to solicit support of others who had belabored to keep the party when  he and his group abandoned the party, not even to talk about fielding   for the position an aspirant who is seen as a minority as well as unpopular as  Abiodun Olaleye in the ward.

A leader in PDP who pleaded inanonymity said, that the Ogunrinde group who may likely not work with Team Legit cannot get the majority in most of the wards he is angling for. According to him, based on consistent meetings and mobilization strength, despite the fusion of both Ogunrinde and Team Legit cannot prevail because the ward is dominated either by Team Diriwari or Team Rita or both fused together.


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