Thuggery is the hallmark of APC- Engr Abogunde

Ahead of the Saturday July 24, 2021, local government elections across Lagos State, the ruling All Progressives Congress Party Chairman in Ajeromi and his Peoples Democratic Party counterpart have started trading blames on who may likely instigate violence among supporters during the election.

According to Engr (Apostle) Mathew Abogunde, the chairman of the PDP, Ajeromi, he is worried about some unfolding issues concerning the forthcoming election. Part of it includes the way LAISEC has re-arranged the polling units, moving them away from their original places to a more hidden place, while some were taken to the frontage of the residences of some APC stalwarts. This, he said, is undemocratic and can influence the outcome of the election.

Abogunde said PDP was not carried along while all these arrangements were going on so that the party can make input as stakeholders. However, he has assured the party’s loyalist that this shenanigan by APC would not stop the PDP from doing well in the upcoming election as the party is poised to ruffle the feathers of the ruling APC.

The PDP boss is also worried that the ruling party may use hoodlums to harass voters on the day of election and cart away ballot boxes, but he believes that God Almighty will take control of everything that will happen that day. He is of the opinion that the local government will witness a free and fair election if all the parties concerned can abide by the electoral laws put in place, this will minimize snatching of ballot boxes and violence at the polling booths. In addition, Abogunde, fears that the ruling party may attempt to rewrite the result of the election if it did not favor them as this has always been their method of winning elections.

He explains further, ‘’everyone knows that PDP is a disciplined party. We are a law abiding party and we know the laws and the rules of the game, which is why we will not involve ourselves in anything unlawful. Thuggery is the hallmark of APC and it is not strange to anyone that PDP has been winning elections in Ajeromi Ifelodun’’.

‘’We however had learnt our lessons and this time around, we shall protect our votes, we will not let anybody cow us. So far, so good, we believe strongly that security will be put in place and anybody that does anything funny will be arrested according to the law.’’

‘’Moreover, PDP is worried that APC may attempt to rewrite the result of the election because that is what they used to do in previous elections. If there is going to be free and fair election, APC knows that as far as Ajeromi/Ifelodun is concerned they can never beat the PDP’’.

‘’If they really believe they are the party on ground, they should allow a free and fair election to take place. It is incontestable by anyone resident here  to fault that PDP is the party on ground  and we are battle ready for the election of the 24 July, it is still our own time’’.

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