Ajeromi/Ifelodun bakers set to elect new leaders

The eight zones of Master Bakers that make up the Ajeromi/Ifelodun Chapter are set to elect new leaders to manage their affairs come June 6th 2021. The 10 delegates from the zones would be deciding for the third Chairman of the Association.

The preferred option of the two aspirants is Alhaji  Abdul  Wasiu Abiola Busari aka Oluaye, a man with a wealth of experience; he has put in more than 20 years in the industry. In his visits to the zones, where he is visibly seen and accepted as the choice , Alhaji  Abdul  Wasiu Abiola Busari aka Oluaye advised the Master Bakers to always allow Equity and Justice  to prevail and said he would not be part of any team that would wash the dirty linen of the association in the public.

He said,Sincerely  our association has not been where it is supposed to be and the lots of our bakers has not been bettered”. I have a purpose and mission for this association.

Wasiu has represented the association at the unit level, local government,State level and National level and it is the stakeholders that encouraged me to contest to restore the glory of the association.

I have a five point agenda of restoring Job Security, reigniting Bakers recognition, Bakers Welfare, transparency  and accountability.

I am troubled because our jobs are not  secured anymore,we cannot plan ahead again because of the problems and we are going to face it squarely

Ajeromi Ifelodun is where the market for our product is after Alimosho,so why should the Bakers be living peasantry because we are not seeing the benefits of the huge market for our products and our business has a future and people will help us  but because nobody is asking question  due to poor leadership, that is why we remain where we are and this is the first thing we are going to do.

We are determined to restoring the glory of the Bakers.

Bakers recognition is very dear to me and because I have the experience and have seen it all in bakery. With little income, the association is belittled and we are going to involve our dealers and every other stakeholder because a lot of money is available for Bakers from Stakeholders, Dealers and Agencies”

We cannot remain the way we are because the dues you are paying as a baker is to protect you and your job and because we are not engaging the Agencies for them to recognize us and so we are going to build relationships across boards, with the police, the local government council, neighbourhood watch. I have programme for Bakers regards their welfare.

I am promising you that I will be transparent in all, you will have your accounts ready in good time and every local government executive will pay visit to the zones every three months and we will not tolerate inability of any zonal executive that will not prepare their account in due time.

I will assist the Bakery owners to approach people that will help them and we would walk, run and crawl to achieve our mission.

Our association needs to move on with the time,we are at the computer age,our association has to be run like a modern 21st century organization with visionary heads. I have Bakers welfare as top of my agenda.

I am bringing out new strategies with stakeholders on how to improve our jobs and we will stop every of those stuffs that are killing our industry.

We have been one happy family and whatever that will limit us should be discouraged, so we should go for competence

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