Hon Kolawole Taiwo disappoints us-Akeem Fatugashe

 Hon Akeem Fatugashe, a member of the All Progressives Congress party resident in Ward A Ajeromi local government Area has declared his frustration and disappointments with Hon Kolawole Taiwo, a member of the Federal House of Representative representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun Federal Constituency.

According to him, he had for a long time as a member of the Progressives worked selflessly to support both the Party and the candidates in every election but at the end, “I will not say I have had benefits so far.  I can only tell you how much I have participated, spending my own cash” and i had never downheartedly worked for any candidate as we did for HKT.

 Explaining, what things make him feel like quitting in Ajeromi/Ifelodun Politics,Fatugashe said:“First, the way politics is being handled here in Ajeromi/Ifelodun its not pleasing. It’s normal for people to contest against each other, but when people contest and emerge, they see the others that contested against him as enemies. Most of the aspirants when they emerge, they see the other people as tools. They don’t have any regard for people here; they see elections as winner takes it all, creating avenues for themselves and their families. They don’t have passion for people to excel in this Local government.”

He said, “In the last election, during the campaign of Hon Kolawole Taiwo, I had the intention of leaving the party but had to change my mind later. I formed a group for him before the congress. When we started, a lot of people did not believe that it will work. They thought we were wasting our time. Some of us that started the thing had faith in God that it was going to work and by the grace of God, he emerged victorious, though there were litigations but he still came out victorious”.

Continuing, Fatugashe said, what is paining him now is that “since Hon Kolawole Taiwo emerged victorious, most of the people that worked with us, because I am the front man: most of them when they see me on the road, will be asking me how far, how will our efforts be wasted, what is happening, they will ask.”

Disclosing his disappointments with Hon Kolawole Taiwo, he said, before now, we used to talk on phone. The last time we spoke was about two weeks ago and before then, anytime I call him, he will tell me that he is in Abuja.  That I should be patient with him , when he comes back during the weekend, maybe on Friday, if I call him till Sunday or Monday morning, he will not pick his call. It’s only when you call him on Tuesday or Wednesday that he will pick and tell you that he is in Abuja.

 This has been happening for a long time. Based on this, I complained to some of his associates and they told me to be patient with him. If I have not been open to members of my group since we started, they may be thinking that I have been secretly collecting money from him without telling them.

 I have been open to them that is why they have always trusted me. Thank God I was open when we started, they saw what was happening and they still have trust in me. I can only say that the only benefit is one bag of rice which I shared with almost 100 people. I believe he still has time just like some of his colleagues said,  Before he gets to four years, I believe he will still do something for us

It looks like we did not achieve anything. I believe there is still time for him. He is the representative of the two local governments. He can still do something if he has a change of heart. But with the way things are going, people are not really happy because I don’t want things to continue like this till the next election. Bob Marley said in one of his songs ‘’that you can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time’’.

I believe that with time, no matter how you try to play smart, the people will get fed up someday. That situation is arising now because the party is not helping at all. It’s just them and their family.


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