Persecution made me stronger in God – Revd Emmanuel Jesu

Members of Eternal Life Apostolic Bible Church (Agbala Iwosan), Aiyenero, Ajegunle could not hold their joy as they danced to the glory of the Lord, for preserving them in the last 30 years since the church was founded. Recounting his experience and the long tortuous journey of the church in the last 30 years, Revd Emmanuel Emioyin Jesu revealed that at a time, he failed by the wayside, but was restored through the mercy of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
According to him, the church was established in 1990 at Amukoko area of Lagos state but after about six months, the church scattered due to activities of the enemies, and all his efforts to pull the church back proved abortive. But in 1997, God restored the ministry and till today
they are trudging forward.

His words, ‘’it was a Muslim problem that scattered us because I came from a Muslim background.  When I got converted to Christianity and started this ministry, they battled me at Odumade street, where we started. The Muslims there gathered and rose against me and the
congregation pursuing us’’.

‘’When the congregation scattered, I gathered the remaining number to join another church called Lord’s Foundation. It was after a little time that I left the Lord’s Foundation to start again at Igbileye area of Amukoko and later to Imam Street in Amukoko. There also was another
Muslim concentrated community in Amukoko and the Muslims there started their own troubles again to fight us.

They pursued the church again and from there again, we moved to Aro street area in the same Amukoko, but the Muslims there regrouped against us. They fought us ceaselessly and we managed there for five years before we left there to Bakare Faro Street in the same Amukoko,
yet the muslim community did not want us there as they resumed hostilities and quarrels.

Unfortunately, I was poisoned and almost died but by divine’s providence, I survived it, but before my recovery, some unknown people had set the church on fire and it was razed down’’.

‘’I thank God for safeguarding us throughout our sojourns all through these periods of our trials. To God be the glory, in the year 2019, we bought our own property, our present worship centre here in Aiyetoro Street, in Ajegunle. God laid the foundation and built His church as
you can see it. We resumed here January 15, 2020’’.

According to him, his trials and temptations have taught him to stand on God alone who is our protection. After God, there’s no other and if God is with you, nothing can be against you.

The Muslims, he said, gave him a condition that unless he combines Muslim and Christian worship, they will not give him peace but he told them he converted to Christianity since 1993 and would not do so.

He has continuously encouraged his congregation to stand solidly on the side of God because He is the rock. ‘’When you know the God you serve, you will do exploits and victory is yours in any circumstance, but when you do not know God, you are in danger

God has done wonderful things for us. We have other branches at Aton in Ogun State, Omu –ara in Kwara state and we are planning another branch at Mowe, Ogun state very soon.  My testimony today is that my God is good because He has given me victory’’ he added.

Sharing her own testimony before the congregation, Lady Evangelist Toyin Bolarinwa who is an assistant pastor said, she has been a member of the church for the past 20 years and her loyalty was based on what God is doing in the church.

She speaks more, ‘’ I have seen the glory and power of God in this Ministry and it convinced me  that this call of daddy Emmanuel Emioyin Jesu, is genuine, and perfected from heaven. I know that our daddy is a real minister of God. The testimony of his life and ministry is
enough conviction of the truth about his calling because I witnessed some of the challenges. Myself have faced several persecutions in this ministry but my testimony is that God has delivered me of all and we are now in our own promised land’’.

‘’Honestly, I give thanks to God today. During the ordeal of the man of God, several people advised me to leave the ministry, some even told me there’s no power of God in the life of the man of God or why would he be persecuted like that. Some told me to my face that they
would see where our ministry journey would end and my testimony today is that it has ended in praises’’.

 Odunsola Oduola, a senior pastor in the church, said he has been in the ministry for 13 years. He revealed that the problem that brought him to the church was solved through the grace of God in the life of the man of God. This is after several years of going from place to place to seek for solution. His message to members is that the presence of God dwells in the church and they should depend solidly on God because He is the solution provider.

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