I want to put an end to selfish politics in Ifelodun- Hon Faruq Ijaola

Let’s meet you

I am Hon Faruq Omogbolahan Ijaola a.k.a Ajobi, son of Alhaji Morufu Akanji Saubana Ijaola, I am a cool and calm person, born and brought up at Aro Street, in Amukoko area of Lagos State. I am a People’s Democratic Party, aspirant for the forthcoming Council chairmanship election
in the 2021.

Growing up

From a tender age, I have been a focused person and very ambitious in nature and with much dreams. It’s this lifestyle that keeps me consistent with my dreams and aspirations otherwise; I would have been derailed by a lot of distractions in our society that makes a lot of people lose focus from their life’s pursuits and dreams. Without denigrating anybody, it is these distractions that keep increasing the number of miscreants in our society today.

Were you troublesome, naughty or very quiet while growing up?

No. Of all my siblings, I am the most quiet and cool headed. Probably, while growing up, I was always with my Alfa Fadilat Sheik Tajudeen Omowale Raji, whom a lot of people till today think is my biological father despite the popularity of my parents. I will say I grew up in
his arms.

Were you given special treatment at home?

No.  Actually, there is nothing special about either my birth or my person, I am a normal person and a normal student at school, but I was never a dull student nor have ever come last among my peers. I am a quiet and intelligent student who did his own things in silence as I am not a noisy fellow. I am also a fast learner who learns a lot by observing people and improving on what I learnt from them.

Tell us about your dream of becoming a Council Chairman in Lagos state

Honestly, since the year 2015, the dream has been more consistent. The reason is that anytime I see the problems of this community, I always have it in my head that there must be a solution somewhere and that I have the capacity to play my part towards ensuring that the lives of the good people of Ifelodun are improved upon. My people needs to be liberated from the shackles of bad governance and their lifestyle need to be hugely improved.
My aspiration is with a mission; my mission is to upgrade the community, impact on the youths, and the aged. I have an oversized dream for the aged in Ifelodun local council development area of Lagos state.

My dad was a politician, one of those that stood by Hon S.A Omololu in PDP, and the current PDP youth leader Moruf Adeyemi aka Koledowo who is a very good friend of his.

I and my friends back then, used to watch the activities of my father and other notable politicians. Then we used to help them paste their posters, arrange chairs at their meeting venues and my instincts used to continuously tell me that I have contributions to make politically.

The way things are, my intention and motive is to positively add value to the lives of the youths here. We need to help our youths grow and this is what the present leadership is not doing.

I am coming with the intention of making them wiser because they can’t continue to be objects of manipulation by these politicians just for peanuts to the detriments of their community. These so called leaders have their children scattered all over advanced and well developed

Growing up here means you know the problems of this community

Yes. The youths are at the receiving end and their lots have to be bettered.  We need to psyche them up to come to current realities in our community; we need to draw them out of docility.

Secondly, infrastructural wise, our community has been cheated, bad roads everywhere, who said our roads cannot be motor able. Please, go round the adjoining streets and see whether you can drive round smoothly and how do they justify the huge resources derived from the Joint account Allocation Committee (JAAC) and the internally generated revenues.

Each time a new council chairman ascends, we see mansions they build for themselves with our money, they drive in Porsche cars and our community deteriorates. I am coming out to put an end to these leakages and self-enrichments with public funds while the people wallop in poverty. I am leading the youths to put a stop to all these.

Aro Street, where I was born, has never felt the presence of successive governments at the council. They have done nothing there, even common drainage and same applies to other streets in the local council development area.

The aspect of education in this LCDA will make any sincere person cry, Can any of the governments at the council including the present government tell us what they have done regarding education. The late PDP chairmanship candidate, Hon Olakunle Olapade passionately campaigned against some of the activities inimical to education. Only Gaskiya and Cardosso secondary schools in Ifelodun, while some existing schools were sold to private individuals, would you say this crop of leaders have the good of the people at heart.

My brother, if as a local government, we do not have secondary schools close to the people, would we say,we are serious, the only one we have is at the border with  another council area, while some other ones with us was demolished and the other sold to private  individuals. Honestly this brings tears to my eyes.

I want to speed up the development of Ifelodun with modern infrastructures, give skills and equip the youths with necessary skills empowerment.

Do you have the required experience to manage a local government?

(Laughs) Experience is not white hairs. Why did I go to school? I went to school to receive relevant experience. I read Marketing and I also trained in management of both clients and people and establishments especially.

No one knows it all, I have experienced technocrats that I have worked with and I will still work with many of them. Governance you know is not a personal enterprise, it is a collective responsibility, and it is team work. My government will surpass what this local government
has witnessed since its creation.

How long have you been in politics?

But I have just narrated my activities at the days of Omololu, I will answer you by saying that I have had long stints with politics and I did a lot of politicking at school too, student parliament and departmental executives.

Which problem in the community worries you most?

My brother, if as a local government we do not have schools for the people or the people had to trek miles before getting to school, what do you think is the whole essence of government, even me, because there is no secondary school I  had to go to Amuwo Odofin secondary school? If we have all the schools here, all my education would have been here and it is the same for other families.

Your party is unsettled, does it not bother you?

The issues have been resolved, there’s no more trouble in PDP, we are one big family now, and we are looking forward as a party to dislodge those that are diverting the fortunes of the good people of our country and community.

Who is bankrolling your ambition?

(Laughs) Yes, I look young, but besides this youthful look is wisdom, resourcefulness and above all, God’s support. So, let’s leave everything to God, the great provider, God will settle every

What else do you want us to know?

I just want to say that I have God and the people around me and that I am encouraged seeing my mothers, fathers and youths in support of this aspiration. And I am particularly happy with the federal government for accenting to the not young to rule bill.

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