More questions about Hon Kolawole Taiwo’s political strategy

Questions are being asked by political observers as to who is in charge of Ward K in Ifelodun local Council Development Area,the traditional home of former Deputy Speaker of Lagos State.

Ordinarily, Hon Kolawole Musibau Taiwo is seen as the de-factor leader in the ward but with the way things are going, a lot of people are beginning to think otherwise. Ward K comprises of two wards; ward E and F in Lagos State organized elections.

While the Chairman of Ward E is from PMG group, Ward F chairman is from Hon Taiwo group The woman leader is from the PMG group and from Ward E, while the youth leader is from the ACO group.

Politics though, is about interest and anybody occupying any position would want to protect the interest of his ward or caucus first and so there is divided interest in Ward K.

Hon Taiwo welds a lot of influence in Ward K, G and possibly in every other Ward in the local government and he has his foot soldiers on ground in all the Wards in the local government. He lost ward G councillorship slot to the ruling Ajidagba Campaign Organisation due to carelessness, though there is a resumed determination to reclaim the seat, but would the Ajidagba group succumb?

However, when it comes to political positions, Hon Taiwo always considers other groups to the detriment of his group especially in wards like Ward E and F. Some people see this magnanimity as political suicide which may always hunt him afterwards.

For instance, Ward E chairman, Mr  Tajudeen Amoudu  is a member of the PMG group who worked against Hon Taiwo several years ago, when he was the first vice chairman of Ifelodun LCDA under the  leadership of  S.A Ayodele ,who was then the ward party chairman. Amoudu was alleged to have voted against the interest of Hon Taiwo and Baba Leke.
Later in another election, Hon Taiwo was said to have put aside his disappointment and worked for the election of Amoudu as a ward chairman to the surprise of many of his supporters who believed that the previous experience did not teach any lesson.

Again during the recent House of Reps struggle, the same Mr. Amodu, in his capacity as the chairman of the Ward was said to have voted against Hon Taiwo during the primaries which squeeze out tears from the House of Representatives member.

However with all these developments, people have been asking questions as to why a thorough background checks was not done on Mr. Amodu or does it mean that Hon Taiwo did not have a credible candidate for him to have allowed Mr Amodu to run again after the previous experiences.

What could be the reason for Hon Taiwo to pick Amodu again for such a sensitive position knowing well that with Amodu as chairman, Hon Taiwo’s loyalties will be subservient to the chairman? Though the secretary of the ward is from the Hon Taiwo group, political observers’ believe that if the House of Rep member had given the chairmanship position to any of his group members his hold in the ward would have expanded the more. As it is, his stronghold in the ward is not firm as the positions of the woman and youth leaders respectively
were shared to other groups.

In Ward F, questions have been asked as to how many people Hon Taiwo group have in EXCO? Though, his group has the position of chairman, you could have imagined what would have happened to his political structure if it had been another group that is managing that ward
completely. The woman leader is said to have been up to her task as she answers anytime she is called upon and people believe it’s because of her strict as a member of HKT group and the influence Hon Taiwo have had on her that she is carrying out her responsibility effectively.

However, the same cannot be said of the youth leader who is from the ACO group stock as people believe his loyalty will always be for the interest of his group. So, the question still begging for answer is, who is in charge of Ward F.

Political pundits believe that it’s high time Hon Taiwo establish his political influence and presence in Ward K. With councillorship polls coming up, is he likely going to abandon Ward E for another group to take over or will he push Ward F to another caucus. He needs good
people around him that will do the thinking for him and guide him on the right path, any choice for the ward Councilors should be a vibrant loyalist that would run things on his behalf.

Charity, they say begins at home but HKT would be failing in political expectations if as many questions that need answers concerning his political strategy continues to hang on the balance over his intention to remain relevant.

 Will his stronghold and influence only be limited to Ward K alone? He needs people that will help him ensure that his political structures in these wards are secured and also expand his network.

If Hon Taiwo would produce the chairman of the local government as he is trying to, would he allow his chairman to be surrounded by five councilors from another caucus? Hon Taiwo would need to seat down and do his political calculation before he takes any stand. He should be
careful of those that have ill advised him in the past, so that he will not allow most of these wards slip off from his hands.

He should come back to the grassroots and his home where he started, and make efforts to solidify his position. In addition, he should try and reach out to as many wards as he can and also spread his political tentacles because the game might be different now.

What is the possibility of his group getting position of the chairman of the LCDA, where five of the incumbent councilors from other groups are plotting to come back? Even if he produces the chairman, how would the chairman succeed with five other councilors around him who are
from opposing caucuses?

This equation shows that the Hon Taiwo camp really need to work hard so as to fortify his hold in the LCDA or  his political relevance in this constituency will become a subject of doubts among his supporters and the entire political space of Ajeromi/Ifelodun constituency.

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