I don’t feel betrayed over my lost – Olaiyiwola Abiola

After his inability to clinch either the House of Representatives
ticket or the State House of Assembly ticket, in the 2019 primaries of
 the People’s Democratic Party, Olaiyiwola Ideratide Abiola, believes
the experience has strengthened his desire to impact more positively
in the lives of his supporters.

 He does not see the fallout of the last election as betrayal from his party leaders as he feels it’s the norm in today’s politics. His words, ‘I tried, and at the end of the day, when there was no
consensus candidate for the House of Representatives,  the party leadership said I should go for the State House of Assembly because I have the  political edge’’.

‘’However, things happened, I will not say I feel betrayed because it was a game of opportunities. Other aspirants emerged and somebody has to pick the ticket. They then said I should go for House of Assembly, but it was not to be. I will not say I feel betrayed by the party
leadership because that is the norm in the country’s politics today’’.

He said he is not considering contesting any position in the upcoming local government election in 2021, but will strongly support any contestant that will emerge from the primaries.

On the crises rocking the party both at the State and the Ajeromi/Ifelodun LGA, the politician admitted that it’s been tough on the party but that things are looking up positively with the
reconciliation moves going on. He hopes things will soon return to normalcy as no party can succeed under a divided house.

For him the crises cost the party a lot in the last election and he believes that the leadership must not allow this to happen again and so the need for all the parties concerned to come together and work things out with the help of God. He added that there is need for all the warring parties to seek truce and sheath their sword as the party needs to present a strong frontier come 2023 especially in Ajeromi/Ifelodun and the entire Lagos State.

He explains more, ‘’I have been playing my own part in ensuring there is peace in the party.  In fact it was part of the agenda in my last trip down to the local government and to the glory of God, we were able to make sure that the leadership met  and they assured me that
everything will be put right soonest and I believe the word  they gave me’’.

‘’By God’s special grace everybody is coming together gradually but I know it is a give and take thing. Everybody will have his own shares or interest that should be guided and if the interest is not protected, it will definitely prolong issues. Incidentally the things on ground are enough for everybody to be happy. I know everything will be fine and I am very sure of that’’.

Nigerians, he admitted, have suffered under the ruling party despite the integrity toga, the president came in with and the common mantra of ‘’Change’’. So far, according to him, the ‘’Change’’ mantra has not really brought any positive change in the lives of Nigerians and so
come 2023 the people should be wise enough to bring PDP back to power ‘’Be assured that PDP is on ground and people would know the one that is best for them. You know by this time, if President Buhari has not been tried, people will be thinking there is one messiah that can
change the fate of this country but they did not allow him; but to the glory of God, everybody has seen that he failed woefully. Everybody is disappointed with the empty promises of their party and president, I am highly disappointed’’, he added.

On the allegation that he was more interested in driving his ambition despite the crises in the party, Abiola said no right thinking politician will achieve anything tangible when his party is in crises. According to him, he made every effort to reconcile the different camps in the party and bring them under one umbrella but they refused to shift grounds. Some even alleged that he took the reconciliation initiative because of his personal ambition.

Abiola sees himself as a team player and that he noted, should be the hallmark of any politician that wants to make an impact in any party because someone can be a member of a political party for 50 years without his impact being felt..

On how his supporters feel at his failure to get the party ticket then, the politician thinks; the love and their believe that he is a goal getter has made him stronger and the people have been his back
bone all this while.

According to him, an adage in his place says, ‘’when they are pushing you, do not push yourself but if you know the right thing to do, do it because they are just showing love.

Abiola said he is not worried by the caliber of contestants coming out for the next election. He however, advised every party member to support anybody that may eventually get the ticket to ensure the party record massive victory come next election.

On whether he would want to share some of his strategies to ensure the mistakes of 2019 does not repeat itself again, Abiola said, he would not want to disclose that but advised  his supporters to be calm and look forward to the next line of action.

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