Lolo Emelda Okoli, set to become Ajeromi Vice Chairman

Ugoeze Emelda Najiofor Okoli (Odibeze), the wife of Eze Guy Nwajioffor Okoli, the Eze udo 1 of Ajeromi-Ifelodun has declared her intention of running for the seat of Vice Chairperson of Ajeromi local government.

The seat is presently being occupied by Hon Nkem Igwe. She made her intentions known at a special event she organized that had several Igbo traditional Chiefs and leaders from the area in attendance.

Speaker after speaker lauded her for the interest as they advised her to be more committed to God if she wants to succeed.

Deaconess Ani Okoye prayed and encouraged her to continuously be prayerful. Another guest, Cyril Eze, told her to disregard all forms of gossip that may derail her ambition. He reminded her that the Igbo’s and the people from the South- South have always occupied the seat of vice chairman in the LGA, and so, she should ignore every gossip and disregard anything that will make the Igbo’s not to win the seat.

Chief Ngozi Ogbuehi, while admonishing her, went down memory lane to 2007, to recall how he and other 13 aspirants contested for that position of vice chairman, where they agreed that whoever emerges as the candidate will receive the support of the other contenders. However, things changed, after Deacon Obinna Nwabueze who was never in the equation emerged as the major candidate and this led to division among the Igbo’s.

For Dr Mmadu Clifford who lost to the incumbent vice chairman, Hon Nkem Igwe, advised her to be more resolute, determined and also promised to give her all the necessary support.

Dishing out his own words of wisdom to Ugoeze Okoli, Chief Okalanwa Nelson, advised her to be patient and see every bad talk against her as a challenge to do better rather than feel discouraged. “Nothing will happen to you, only be strong. I am praying for God’s protection
and strength upon you because to organize the Igbo’s isn’t an easy task and that is why I pray that whatever was difficult for former aspirants and occupiers of the seat will be easier for you”.

Chief, Barr Anayochukwu Emeanua, a former councilor and legal adviser to a political party, tasked her on the need to see everyone as equal as there should not be class in her politics if she wants to go far. More importantly he said, she should not get angry when she hears that
one or two people she hosted was seen in another camp because they are leaders and so they will be fair to everyone.

He further admonished her not to see politics as a do or die as power belongs to God. Citing his personal experience, he said, he contested and defeated other candidates in one of the elections, the matter was taken to court and at the end of the day he could not occupy that

His words, I will also advise you,‘’ do not use your last money reserve to play politics, if you do not have spendable money that will not affect you when you spend it, please do not dabble into it because you need to be financially balanced as you do not rely on peoples help. Equally, be spiritually and physically strong because you will meet both good and bad people there.

In her reaction, Lolo Okoli thanked all the chiefs for honoring her invitation and thanked them for their words of encouragement and prayers. She used the opportunity to correct the impression that she was a neophyte in politics, but explained that she comes from a family of politicians and she started her politics since JSS1. She further explained that her humility and character has always endeared her to people and believes that with God on her side, she will achieve her

Lolo Okoli promised not to disappoint the Igbo’s if they give her all the support she needs to win. She also promised to work with whoever that will emerge as the chairman. Her words,

“I have long realized that, it is neither by power, so I am not relying
on man and am not quarrelling nor fighting anybody”

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