Four feared dead in a gas explosion

Not less than four people are feared dead, several others injured and
many amputated following a gas explosion accident at one of
the Truck garages beside ATLAS company at Alafia bus stop in Ifelodun local Council Development Area.

The incident was said to have occurred while some part of a truck was
being welded by a welder in the garage. The garage is on an unbuilt plot where trucks pack and so, the impact of the explosion according to an eye witnesses was said to have shook the foundation of buildings around, which sent many residents running out of their houses, saying it evokes reminisces of the dastard explosions of Ikeja and Satellite towns of recent. Apart from several human causalities, electric wires and few trucks that were driving pass were touched. However, there was no fire outbreak unlike the past Satellite and Ikeja explosions. Relevant agencies like the police and Neighborhood watch men were immediately available on ground to observe the situation.

Nobody knows what may have aggravated the explosion to have such sweeping effect. Another eye witness accounts said “the impact of the explosion was so much because the garage
was under a high tension wire and so it affected many things”.

Unfortunately, the unnamed welder, we gathered is supposed to have his
wedding this coming Saturday.

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