More crises in Ajeromi/Ifelodun PDP

Despite the reconciliation between the camp of out of office former House of Representative member, Hon Rita Orji and that of the former National Vice Chairman, South West PDP, Chief Bode George, total peace may not be envisaged so soon in Ajeromi/Ifelodun PDP. With the reconciliation of Chief George and Hon Orji, political observers are still at lost as to the possibility of a total and smooth relationship between Hon Rita and Elder Israel Ogunrinde, a loyalist and a foot soldier of Chief George in Ajeromi.  

Ogunrinde and Hon Orji have been at logger heads for a while now.  This latest development has raised questions as to what will be Hon Orji’s next step. Will she be able to forgive Ogunrinde and his group who worked against her during the last election which led to her losing the seat to Hon Kolawole Taiwo of the APC? Or will Ogunrinde whole heartedly forgive Hon Rita that almost suffocated them in the party.

Even with the emerging new party leadership in the LGA after next year congress and the present arrangement that has Alhaji  Rasaqi Fakunle as the Chairman, Elders Council, deputized by Elder Israel Ogunrinde and Prince  Aloysius Okafor  as the Secretary, all seem not to be well as another splinter group may just be in the offing. Hon Orji, we gathered is not in the picture of the entire reconciliation at the local government and Alhaji Fakunle, who is said to taking advantage of Mathew Abogunde, the LGA Chairman as he is said to have a strong hold influence on the Chairman.

The third force constituting of majority of party men angling for their opinion to be considered and heard unlike Alhaji Fakunle’s disposition to becloud every other position which accounts to part of the reason why Abogunde has subjected himself to the Elder’s Council Chairman may be the splinter building up whose activities may be more hazardous than when a section worked against the party.

All the former Council members that have had issues with Alhaji Fakunle are said to have been dropped. More surprising among those dropped are  Chief Frank Ukoh, a major financier of the party and founding member long before Fakunle joined the PDP as Fakunle joined PDP after the de-registration of their party UPP which also had the likes of Zola Ashiru and Taiwo Elegunde.

Other Elders Council members dropped include: Chief Moshood Ajiwe, Sunny Mene, Chief Dr. Anthony Aisewomhion, Chief Dada Onijomo and Aare Tajudeen Balogun whom many believed, Alhaji Fakunle never wanted in the Elders Council.

Inside Ajeromi/ Ifelodun News gathered that Alhaji Fakunle, Prince Okafor and Elder Israel Ogunrinde are alleged to have plans to fill the vacant positions in the leadership and Exco with their candidates and this some critic’s say will crumble the reconciliation process.

An embittered member said, PDP will be wasting their precious time pretending to be reconciling selves if selfish interests are not dropped by the leadership. He said, “Reconciliation is a reunion after some period of disagreement and one of the vital ingredients is sincerity, honesty and sincere heart, but could these be said to be available with the leaders.”

Findings by Inside Ajeromi news is that both camps are ego driven and are wary of each other as there is no trust between them as was the case in year 2017 and 2019.

A leader who prefers not to be named said, the ongoing reconciliation is not genuine because both sides are withholding to their chest some ulterior motives which they are neither revealing to either their members or the leadership. And if the reconciliation is not done with sincere minds, the party would be returning to status quo.

Another source claimed that Alhaji Fakunle has been lording it over everybody in the party and will never give room to criticism or imputes from other party members, though he is working in tandem with Israel Ogunride whom many claim to have ‘similar political characteristics’. Alhaji Fakunle is said to be given to Chief Francis Chima’s aspiration for House of Reps because of his deep pocket, While Ogunride may be ‘forced to lean’ towards Luqmon Odumosu because of his deep support for his group over the years Hon Emilia on her side is said to be trying to work with Abogunde, a toothless LGA Chairman.

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