I did not run away from Nigeria – BMY

Babatunde Musbau Yusuf is the son of an old PDP leader. BMY as he is popularly known contested for a seat at the Lagos State House of Assembly   in year 2019  and a former Councillorship Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in the year 2017 election. He is indeed a politician to watch. Inside Ajeromi News tracked him to Canada where he granted us this interview.

How has your day been?
My day has been very hectic. You know I am a very busy person. I
hardly have time for myself. I thought that coming to Canada would
have given me ample time to rest before I return to Nigeria, but
honestly, my schedules have been tight and it has been work all
through. Anyway, one has to keep surmounting all these challenges that
come our way.
When did you travel out of Nigeria?
I left Nigeria January 16th 2020.

There are insinuations that you ran out of the country

You know this is all politics. Any rumor or insinuations that come
from my rivals are mere political, So,  people will always say
whatever they feel like just to find a way to bring   you down.  I am
happy they’re discussing me because that goes to show that I am still
important in Ajeromi-Ifelodun political terrain. Do not be surprised
when different people bring different comments whether in support of
BMY or against him.

But you heard the rumor?

 Yes. But seriously, I did not run   away. If I wanted to, I would
have ran to a place like Kano state in Nigeria or seek refuge
elsewhere in Nigeria, but running away overseas is something strange.

I ought to have moved my family down to Canada since 2017, but it
delayed due to one political activity or the other. As soon as we
finished the council elections, the national elections took place and
a lot of political activities came up which prevented me from
relocating my family at that point in time.

I have been traveling before now, so I cannot run away.  I am half
Nigerian and half Canadian, so why would I run away. I am still very
relevant in the politics of Ajeromi. Though I am far away from Nigeria now
but my political activities are ongoing in the local government. Go
round the nooks and crannies, you will learn that BMY machinery is
running and I am still on ground working.

How was your experience during the last election?

It was a very eventful one, although we had a lot of challenges, but I
am happy I was in that election. A lot of people had already
insinuated that BMY was not going to make it; he was not
going to run the election.

But, I noticed that a lot of people supported me though the election
was hugely rigged.  Never the less, I am happy because I got peoples
support and the people are with us. The election period was a very
challenging one, in the sense that we never had much support from the
party, especially after the presidential election.

The governorship and House of Assembly election never got support from
the state. I ran through that election single handedly; imagine me
running an election against such power brokers like Bola Ahmed Tinubu
and a sitting council chairman and other such political gladiators in
APC with less support from our party.  I thank God that a lot of our
party foot soldiers massively came out despite the little peanut we
were left with.

Why do you say the experience is a dream come true despite your
numerous challenges?

 Sincerely, it was a dream comes true because as a young man, I saw the
posters of the likes of Prince Rabiu Oluwa, the former local
government chairman, and the likes of S.O Omolulu in the political
terrain. Anytime I see their banners adoring the walls of Ajeromi, I
used to say that when I grow up, my own banner will also be seen by
people. I have always said that I will fight for the right course and
justice for our people. Eventually, I ended achieving that. My posters
were all over the area, so God has been kind to me.

Though 2019 election was not realizable, I am sure that come 2023,
with the peoples support and the grace of God, we are going to get it.
So, it was a dream come true because it was  something  I had always
wanted to do, I have been very passionate  about it and I ended up
seeing myself  at the fore front of  serving my people.

You are happy about the election, despite the huge sum of money you spent?

Well, I am not troubled because I went into the election with my
personal fund and I honestly did not borrow money to fund my massive
campaign. I had rehabilitated roads in my area with my personal money
and the record is still there and I mobilized funds to support youths
in my environment.

So, the fact that I committed N17M into my election does not matter so
much to me as a journey to serving my people. I have always supported
people that are in dire need and if that had pulled through, it would
have provided an opportunity for a more robust service to my people. I
am happy doing that and if the opportunity comes again, I will do it

Which of the streets in Ifelodun did you renovate?

My domain is at 29 Ligali Street and I belong to the Ligali family. I
am from Ojo road and everybody knows that is my root. Just go there
and ask the youths, I still maintain my relationship with them. I give
them support all the time, BMY is not inaccessible.

During that electoral period, there were several rumour around your
relationship with Hon Rita Orji. What is your relationship with Hon
Rita Orji then and now?

 Honestly, I do not have any problem with Hon Orji, she is my leader
and she will always be my leader. I met Hon Rita in the party and I
aligned with her ideologies and aspirations.  She is a woman of honor
who had served the party diligently to the best of her ability;
therefore, she deserves respect and honor.

Anybody going round with unfounded talks is my political detractor.
Though it is expected because that is what politics here tends to be.
Therefore the record needs to be put straight. For the records, I do
not have any crisis or issues with Hon Rita Orji.

2019 did not materialize and you are looking at 2023, but people are
already mentioning your name for the polls in 2021.

I always say that the call to serve should not be attached to any
political or official portfolio. What I desire is to serve my people
and I will always enjoy doing it. I will only respond to the clarion
call of my people wherever and whenever they need it.

In whatever capacity that my people want me to serve,that is where I will
go. I will always yield to the bidding of my people. However, I am the
subsisting PDP candidate for the House of Assembly in Ifelodun LCDA.
But to make things clear, it is not about me, but about my people, and
what they want. Whenever I am elected, I will work and support my

What is your expectation in the ongoing PDP reconciliation moves?

 It is indeed a welcome development, though it ought to have started
before now. All the same, it is not too late, sincerely after the
election all the aggrieved factional group ought to have been
reconciled. Everybody ought to have been brought together for a future
onslaught as a formidable party, to enable us go into the next
election with trust and our house in order.

It is indeed commendable that the leadership of our great party is
doing this reconciliation; it is as encouraging as it is good. I am in
total support of it.

The Muslims just celebrated their Sallah festival, how did you
felicitate with your people back home in Nigeria?

 Like I have always done, I have neither lost touch with my people. I
have always been doing that and this past Sallah celebration was not
different. I am a silent performer; I neither make noise nor talk too

Let me say this as well, there’s been a lot of talk and ranting by
other politicians. People are jittery that BMY is coming back again
and I want to say this to all fellow aspirants, they should just go
with one mind. They should familiarize themselves with the people. If
your people love you and you do what is right as a servant leader
because every leader is a servant, and they can rely on you as an
aspirant or as a leader, you cannot have problem.

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