2021 Councillorship aspirants: A peep at Ifelodun power blocks, their chances


A loyal member of Hon Kolawole Taiwo group told this paper that this ward has a bad memory for the group as they will do everything to wipe off that memory. Here, the group lost both the Councillor ship seat and the leader of the Council seat, as well as a young vibrant youth popularly called ITALO who died early this year after being groomed to recover the ward for the group. So, this would have been an opportunity to regain the lost chance but that is where Hon Aweda Odunbaku of ACO holds sway.

From the look of things the son of an old political horse, Sarumi Adekolajide has volunteered among others their responsibility of stemming the political tide in favour of HKT group, however the odds of the HKT group weighs much for the group that has lost many of its Generals in the ward in consecutive series like Hon Kabiru Lawal,Hon Muhydeen Aare. Can Sarumi be able to muster strategies that will stop the return of Hon Odunbaku Aweda and other strong contenders though there has been a barrage of insinuations that the Councilor Aweda has not done well too.

This ward also has several others described as feather weight contenders which include Afeez Adelaeye and Rilwan Olaiya but they are in the race and in politics as in football,it is 90 minutes that counts.

But Kazeem Sulaimon Animashaun aka Farhan is another strong youth, known across groups in the ward as strong man Mopol of the ward, he was said to be the sole sponsor of the late ITALO and several other youths who he had given employment, and he is of the HKT stock and runs a Bet Naija and other businesses.

Farhan is said to have a deep pocket that can intimidate or ward off rivals. What he did during the recent lockdown is said to be enviable as he shared food, cash and other stuffs as palliatives to APC members in the ward.

An executive of the ward had this to say about him: “as his nickname Farhan means, Kazeem Sulaimon,is an embodiment of joy and happiness to APC members with his philanthropies”.

From all these analysis, Hon  Ajidagba could be said to have four wards for his councilors: ward A, ward B belongs to PMG, Ward C belongs to Ajidagba with the joint powers of Dr Ajijola ,Pepper that enabled Hon Wasiu Adeola emerge and then Ward D.

Analysts are saying that,Hon Taiwo is not likely going to lose his wards if he would not acquire more but Ajidagba should be careful not to lose any grounds to either Hon Kolawole Taiwo or to the Allied group.

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