The wasted years of Ajeromi/Ifelodun must be redeemed-PDP

Hon Chinedu A Ezugha is the head of Publicity, The People’s Democratic Party in Ajeromi Ifelodun local government and he argues thus.

  The holy book is clear on what happens when the righteous and the unrighteous rule.  The former brings prosperity, development, dividends, progress and joy while the later multiplies hardships,
sufferings and sorrow.
The question is, Is God concerned about governance and leadership? Yes, he is! However, he has placed the responsibility on men: politicians, technocrats and others to administer leadership when called upon, so, man is endowed with the wisdom to decipher what is right and wrong.
According to the former governor of Oyo state, Late Senator Abiola Ajimobi, ‘’constituted authority is established to administer justice, progress, development, peace and prosperity’’.

The essence of a constituted authority, at the federal, state, or local government level, is to cater for the wellbeing of the people to whom legitimacy is derived. Whatever are the responsibilities, their major role is to promote the well being of the people.

The return of democracy in 1999, elicited hope for more involvement of the people in the act of governance and the general expectation is that there would be massive growth and development. But, is this the case so far? In Ajeromi/Ifelodun LGA, the last 21 years have not produced the expected results apart from the remarkable representation of Hon Rita Orji of the PDP, in the House of Representatives in the last eight National Assembly.

The revenue accrued to the local governments have not yielded commensurate dividend to the people. Each administration that comes to power hide under the excuse that they are repaying the debts of the
previous administration to underperform and embezzle money. Unfortunately, it’s the same party, though with different names over the years that has been at the helm of affairs of the LGA since
1999. Sometimes, one begins to wonder if Ajeromi/ Ifelodun are cursed with bad leadership though you can also argue that it’s also a nationwide problem.

The roads in the area are in a deplorable state with bad drainage systems, even the recent Lagos state road palliatives in different local governments, Ajeromi is unlucky to benefit one. The area is characterized by high level of insecurity due to the activities of area boys and armed robbers. There is massive political violence, dilapidated infrastructures and the absence of
other basic social amenities like good pipe borne water, good health facilities and schools.

The party has treated the people of Ajeromi/Ifelodun with gross disrespect and reckless abandon. It’s like the people of the local government are being marginalized in their own community by the same
people they voted into power. It’s difficult to believe, that despite the huge amount of money voted
on yearly bases for capital projects in the local government in the past 21 years, the various government that have administered the local government have nothing to show. That is why Ajegunle, which has produced some of the best entertainers, sports men and women in the country today, still remains the poverty headquarters of the state today.

Some roads that were awarded and commissioned are being re-warded again with a different name and different contract obligation and these roads remained undone. They have become an avenue for the
government in power to loot. One of such roads is the Mba –Oregie road.Most of the roads constructed under the present administration did not last up till a year before they collapsed. Example is the Apena
Street, which linked Rasak Street to Alakoto. The interlocking stones have completely washed off.

The contracts awarded for the construction of the Edidi street, Aniyaloye street, Muda and Onilewura Street was abandoned and the only portion constructed was less than 1km stretch  close to Simple Stars Hotels owned by an APC chieftain , Hon Ogunbanjo Olusegun. The abandoned Edidi Street, Muda and Onilewura streets roads are now death traps that have become impassable for even heavy duty trucks and buses like we have in Wilmer and Isikalu streets. All these abandoned roads which have become manmade lakes are littered around Ajegunle.

Though the ruling party claimed to love the people of Ajeromi/Ifoldun a lot, the irony is that they did not see anybody good enough to be made a commissioner in the state. It’s seen by many as an affront to
the people of the LGA, which is seen as one of the most densely populated areas in the state and a major contributor to the economy of the state.

As the election time draws near, politicians especially from the ruling APC party will start making frequent visits to the area, with uncountable promises they are not ready to fulfill. If the APC led
party leadership cannot get the ruling party in the state to appoint a commissioner from Ajeromi/Ifelodun in the spirit of justice, equity and fairness, or implement massive development program in the area, why should Ajegunle people still trust them.

APC has failed the people of Ajeromi/Ifelodun, and the People’s Democratic Party is here to the rescue. Let us all join hands with the PDP, in its drive to give the Ajegunle people a better government
and massive development. Enough of this deception from the ruling APC.

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