2021 Councillorship aspirants: A peep at Ifelodun power blocks, their chances


There seem to be an imminent political challenge here because it is the ward of the present leader of the legislative arm of the Council, Hon Atinuke Fatimah Salaudeen, who is in her first tenure. Political observers believe that a royal rumble is building up here as the elections draw nearer because Hon Atinuke has the backing of the Ifelodun Council Chairman who is serving out his two tenures, before her emergence as Councilor, she is said not to be known in any political circle in Ifelodun, not even seen in the ward or in LGA meeting, nor has she done well in the assignment to warrant a return.

As Hon Fatai Ajidagba is about to serve out his second term, whoever succeeds him may determine the fate of Hon Atinuke as a Councilor and where the leadership of the House will swing to.

Obviously, if an ally of Ajidagba takes over the Council as the Chairman, there are possibilities that Ajidagba would still solicit for her return as both Councilor and even the leader of the emerging House.

However, if a member of Hon Taiwo’s group takes over as the Council boss, the leadership of the Legislative House would go. It is also  possible that someone who is not from either of two groups can emerge as the chairman and may eventually have an alliance with either of them and that will seriously affect Hon Atinuke’s come back.

The Ifelodun Reformers led by Dr Olalekan Akingbola looks like its positioning itself for imminent battle for the soul of this ward. The group has shopped for a semblance of the incumbent, in the person of Mrs. Fatimo Salaudeen, a woman and namesake to the incumbent as their Councillorship aspirant and the Heavy weight political group, HKT may not be leaving any stone unturned over the ward as they have mathematically reserved the contest to the energetic and politically wizened up youth Ahmed Oluwatosin Mayegun who had learned the ropes since the days of Alliance for Democracy (AD).

There are also other strong contenders in this ward considered traditionally as the strong hold of Hon Taiwo  Adenekan from the days of Hon  Suara Arikewuyo, Hon Taiwo Adenekan, a two tenured Council Chairman of Ifelodun LCDA, and a single termed House of Reps member, the leader and supreme head of Allied group have had a strong influence in the ward until the emergence of Hon Fatai Ajidagba.

It is the strong home base of Allied group that has Ifelodun leaders like: Hon Lamina, one of the Ifelodun Apex leaders, Hon IgweTajudeenYekini, Bala Agbele and Alhaji Sometan.

In all, sentiments, emotion, apt political calculation, strong political arm twisting and wrestling are all going to be at play in determination of who takes the ward.

With the coming elections, the norm might change as some traditional strong holds might be lost especially in wards like C and D.

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