2021 Councillorship aspirants: A peep at Ifelodun power blocks, their chances


This Ward is presently represented by Hon Wasiu Adeola aka Awaco, who rode to office on popular public opinion. Before him, was the former Allied group Councilor, and the present Ward C Chairman, Hon Sulaimon Adelaja Adeleye.

Hon Sulaimon’s intent to return could be explained as the resolve of Allied group’s determination to return to the front burner, even the former councilor being the Ward Chairman is a strong signal that indicates a long time scheming of his group to recover the seat. It will be one of the wards that pose a possible upturn but does the Allied group still have the steam?

Awaco as he is popularly called, means somebody who the majority sent on an errand to bring good tidings for them. Unfortunately, his popularity has waned and people are now mischievously calling him another name, implying general disappointment from the collective decision that sent him to the legislative job. He needs intervention of the divine to return for the second tenure, a leader in the ward said.

It is however not known if any of the contenders popping up in the ward boasts of vibrant steam enough to dislodge the incumbent but promises from such youths under Hon Kolawole Taiwo and other groups is suspect, like the strong Mopol Ganiu Ajide Agbalaya Jnr (HKT)of National youth Council of Nigeria, described as vibrant and focused. Taofic Odewale(HKT) and Mustafa Shiitu(ACO) and SulaimanYahaya of the Ifelodun Reformers group are aspirants gunning to replace Hon Wasiu Adeola.

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