2021 Councillorship aspirants: A peep at Ifelodun power blocks, their chances


The Ward has Hon Sulaiman Bolajoko, who is generally seen as a Councilor of circumstance, as he was not well known before the election. However, an opportunity came as a   big boost and support when Prince Rabiu Oluwa, the apex leader, asked for a slot in the LCDA and this gave him the chance to emerge and win the election. Prince Oluwa’s demand for a slot from the LCDA, which speculation has it that he wanted to use Ward E or F to grant a favour to Hon Wahab Adigun who was his coordinator in Ifelodun.

 It was gathered that Hon Fatai Ajidagba, the Council Chairman had to sacrifice Ward B just to save Hon Kolawole Taiwo from losing either of the two wards that his interest hinges Ward E,F.

Hon Bolajoko is said to be the product of that sacrifice though some members of Hon Taiwo’s group denied that version of the news. However, they insisted that Hon Taiwo initiated the move and single handedly gave the ticket to Hon Bolajoko. But the question on everyone’s lip is, if Hon Taiwo masterminded the emergence of Hon Banjoko, why is he in PMG group, instead of his benefactors group? This situation has raised some questions as to the chances of Hon Banjoko in the next election.

There are other contenders with strong political backing waiting in the wings to snatch the seat from the incumbent. They include the Ward secretary Saheed Mabadeye(HKT), and Hon Tokos Hamzat Babalola(HKT).Tokos  had aspired for the seat twice but was asked to step down by the party leaders and he humbly did.

Tokos, a forward looking member of HKT group, is also a member of the Central Working Committee in the Ward and a veteran politician, who joined the Progressives as a youth in 1985. He was there when Shina Ojora, the present Bale Alayabiagba contested as Councilor. He has a quiet and calculated looking disposition and he is said to be financially liquid but yet to benefit from the political enterprise he had stayed glued.

Another aspirant that one cannot mistaken her readiness for the seat is Mrs. Yusuf Nurat Oluwaseyi aka Seyi Ojo,a civil servant whose smile and composure may unseat the leaders. Sources from some of the group’s leaders said she is one of the aspirants asked to step down in the last dispensation too. Seyi Ojo said she had been in politics before the creation of Ifelodun LCDA and during the era of caucuses, she was the woman leader of APC ward B Mandate group.

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