Omo Barka is surrounded by Political jobbers-PDP Leader

Elder Isreal Ogunrinde, a PDP party leader in Ajeromi –Ifelodun, has lamented that despite the envisaged enormous contribution of Chief Francis Chima, aka Omo Barka, towards the success of the party, some of the people around him have continued to mislead him. He revealed that those around him are political jobbers who are only interested in milking him and have continued to advise him wrongly.

He however denied receiving Chief Francis Chima in his house, office or anywhere as speculated, and said he is yet to meet the house of representative aspirant.

His words, “I have not seen Omo Barka, I do not want people to create a wrong impression. Sincerely, I do not know him, but one of my boys have impressed it on me to receive him, but the people that brought Omo Barka into our Party are very bad politicians”.

“They are not advising him well and they are only interested in his money. When somebody comes new into politics, these people surround him and will not give him a breathing space because of what they will gain. I love his presence into the party because he has boosted our morale, but I expect that if you come to a place newly, you should be able to ask questions.

 In the last election, the 65 and 35 groups tried their strength and the truth that emerged is that the 35 cannot do it alone and any new entrant must know this”, the leader said.

Elder Ogunride however noted that Chief Chima is a philanthropist and not a politician and so, he should invite good brains to help him plan his political strategy so that he would not be disappointed at the end of the day because there are about five other aspirants waiting in the wings.

He advised that getting good advisers is important for Chima as he would not want him to make the same mistake made by Hon Rita Orji, who lost her seat in 2015 to Hon Kolawole Taiwo. He said that it was the same boys that milked Rita Orji dry and brought her downfall that are now surrounding him.

Elder Ogunride takes exception to being called a parallel leader, but admits that factions still exist in the People’s Democratic Party.

 “Yes, we still have 65 and 35 factions in PDP, but there are conscientious attempts to merging the factions which is still ongoing. We are in the process, if not the COVID-19, we would have finished the arrangement, especially, when the Oyo governor intervened asking for the withdrawal of the contempt charge. I have been meeting with Alhaji Fakunle and working out the resolution’’, he revealed.

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