Ibrahim Aweda’s deft political moves excites observers

With the recent relocation of Hon.Ibrahim or Is it Absalam Aweda, the Councilor representing Ward F to a new location in Ward E, observers are now interpreting the move to be a strategic political move which will help him build a strong bond with members of the Ward and possibly strengthen his chances of going for a third term through the Ward or clinch the position of a Vice Chairman.

 Hon Aweda, was living at Ojo road, before though he has another property at Alaba area and a family house at Imam street.

Another school of thought, suggests that though he already has two wives, he may have added the third one to his harem and so the need to get a new accommodation at the Oshogbo area of Ward E.

Hon  Aweda,  who is also the deputy leader of   Ifelodun Legislative arm,  is currently serving out his second term. He is said to have been making several frantic moves including lobbying  some leaders  in the Ward and the House of Representatives member, Hon Kolawole Taiwo in order to secure a third term in office.
A notable leader in Ward F confided to Inside Ajeromi News that the Councilor has met him concerning his third term ambition, but he reminded him that no legislator has ever succeeded in going for third term in Ajeromi/Ifelodun local government, though it’s his legitimate right to contest  as many times as his ward approves .

Sources close to the top leadership of the Ward told this paper that the strategists of Hon Aweda which includes top echelon of the group are thinking well ahead of political vicissitudes or uncertainties that may occur and deny the group the Chairmanship slot and HKT group as a heavy  weight would be left the choice of a Vice Chairman and which slot cannot go to Ward F where Hon Kolawole Taiwo,the House of Reps resides and especially because of the perception of the ward as having been overused by Hon Kolawole Taiwo,at which instance Hon Aweda would come in very handy coming from Ward F. This development if it happens would free agitations of Hon Aweda coming back for a third term but deep in the hearts of Hon Aweda and his strategists is for the Councilorship slot so that he would contest for the Leader of the House .

The permutation looks thus: If the office of Council chairman is given to ward H, where the present House of Assembly member comes from, and then, the Vice Chairman cannot but come to either Ward F or E axis, the only Wards of Hon Kolawole Taiwo , since F has been overused  by Hon Taiwo group, and so Hon Aweda heavily relies on the political magnanimity of Hon Taiwo especially to go for a third term and other top echelon of the group’s leadership.

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