Why I severed relationship with other PDP leaders-Dr. Emilia Ezeude

Inside Ajeromi news checked on Dr. Emilia Ezeude on Social Media during the lockdown where we chat on wide range of issues, including the last general election and the following was our discussion.

 Just wanted to know your political relationship with Hon Rasaki Fakunle 

Our relationship is very cordial, is there anything?

Nothing, just wanted to know if you were at his recent birthday

 No, because of the pandemic. But I sent him a birthday gift, because he told me.

Your opinion about the large number of aspirants for  the House of Representatives under PDP’s platform

All well and good, it shows PDP is a vibrant party, they are all welcome.

You still want to run for the House of Reps come 2023?

I think it is quite early to talk about 2023 aspiration now.

But your name is on everybody’s lips

The focus now is to bring members together as one indivisible entity, when 2023 comes, we will deal with it

 You mean you didn’t discuss that with anybody?

Many will wish that I run because they have known what they want and what I stand for, but like I said, it’s too early.

 You made many friends and enemies during the last election because of your aspiration, have you reconciled with them?

I don’t know them and non-has confronted me. Until I see one, I don’t think anyone will claim not to be happy with me. I only saw people who were not bold enough to stand up for what they believe in, for fear of one thing or the other

But things have fallen apart between you, Elder Isreal Ogunrinde and Hon Rita Orji. 

 (Laughs) My brother, you know me well.  I don’t like going personal for whatever reason. They are in better position to answer you.

Have you reached out to them after the election? 

No, because every political activity is usually slow after election, coupled with the fact that there is a pandemic. Besides, it all depends, if there is any need for that.

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