We mean business-Ifelodun Reformers

A Community development association Chairman and Coordinator of Ifelodun Reformers, Hon Kunle Ade-Amin has declared that the Ifelodun Reformers, the political platform under which Dr Olalekan Akingbola is pursuing his aspiration to become Chairman of Ifelodun Local Council Development Area, is serious in taking over the reins of power from the current chairman Hon Fatai Ajidagba.

 Hon Kunle Ade-Amin   reinstated this seriousness during a courtesy visit by Inside Ajeromi news, the CDA Chairman said, “we mean business in taking over the Council, but we are not arrogant about it, so we give recognition to all our leaders and we are confident that by the grace of God and the peoples support, we will not fail in the bid”

We promise to give our people dividends of democracy. We will consult with the people on regular basis to ascertain that we give them what they want. The youths will be our major priority and we will create a prosperous future for them by engaging them in meaninful vocational training’’.

He said that though, Hon Fatai Ajidagba has tried, but he believes that Ifelodun Reformers’ government, if elected can do more since governance is a continuum. He said their party,All Progressives Congress has a cardinal program which includes the rural communities development and Ifelodun is one. We are all part of this community and we are sure we are going to transform things for our people, he said.

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