Still on Eze Anyalebechi’s Council of Ahitophel

The soft spoken son of the late Patron of Ndi Eze in Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Eze Valentine Anyalebechi has been on the lips of most respected   Igbo people in Ajeromi-Ifelodun for some time now, re-awakening the old argument for the status, veracity and relevance of Ezes’ in diaspora. This has brought back such statements as Eze in diaspora is not hereditary, but any Eze that emerges should endeavor to liaise with other existing Ezes’.  The idea of Eze in diaspora is to ensure that there are zealous Igbo sons who can shoulder the burdens of Igbo’s in diaspora. Well, all the various comments on the issue has evoked importantly status quo ante before the death of Eze Anyalebechi senior : viz  Eze Guy has been the chairman of Ndi Eze,Eze Okpala-vice chairman( Ndi Eze in Ajeromi mourns Eze Okpala),  Eze Siroko-secretary and late Eze Anyalebechi was the patron.

The death of an Eze, however, does not mean that his son or family member should take over his position according to some legal Igbo chiefs. But for the case of Eze Valentine Anyalebechi, not any has objected to his being (at least, none has voiced out such). But there has been public outcry that he never formally informed his Igbo people of his coronation, since it is not a secret event.

However, despite these, Eze Anyalebechi has been the toast of many that come across him at least he has so far distinguished himself of being fit as a 21st century model of an Eze  by his exhibition of high degree of wisdom, intelligence and composure as an enlightened young man.

However, the recent constitution of Eze Valentine Council of chiefs has been vigorously criticized as antithetical  by some Igbo chiefs and  also as being contra or not in tune with Igbo culture and tradition but also especially as having some political coloration with other numerous misnomer  content and above all Eze Anyalebechi should fore mostly go and normalize his Ezeship and inform the entire Igbos that he wants  to rule, so that whenever he calls his subjects, they will come in their attires to answer him, as appropriately captured by one of the Chiefs in an interview with Inside Ajeromi news. The critics say it has no cultural tone behind it and sees this as an affront on the Igbo community.

Some of the insider Chiefs that disassociated from the Council of Ahitophel said they were not consulted and that it will be a misnomer for them to identify or operate with some characters in the named council of Chiefs.

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