Hon Nallah advises Ayoola

Hon Nallah Musa, a two termed Councilor in Ifelodun and former Supervisory Councilor in the government of Hon Fatai Ajidagba has advised the current local government chairman of Ajeromi ,  Hon  Fatai Ayoola , to do more for his people as he may end up being the worst LGA chairman in the area. He said as a friend, he wants the chairman to succeed and that is why he should come out for the people that he is representing to see him. He should see the residents as his people. The security situation is very appalling and drainages are blocked and yet he is running away from the people.

‘’I have a property at Layenka area where my practice office situates and I am always there, I tell you that I am almost regretting having a property in that area due to prevailing challenges,  If it rains, it is horrible there because the drainages are blocked except recently when the State palliative came to clear the drainages and canals.

 Is it about the security situation? We never have rest more than thrice a month. The glass windows of my property

have been changed thrice this month, the rampaging boys have smashed it on a number of occasions”, he pointed out.

Hon Ayoola should realize that not everybody that wants to see him wants to ask him for money, some may be, to give him information that will help him do better. I had tried to see him on some occasions but couldn’t when all I wanted to let him know is about the problem at the Layenka area because am concerned.

 Layenka road drainages were blocked for several years, even though he would say the road is State road. He should have cleared the drainages so that water channels would flow, however we thank God for the State intervention. He should let the people to feel the impact of his government.

According to Hon Nallah, he is not one of those that run after Chairmen for money, but he is more concerned about the chairman improving the welfare of the people of Layenka, Iyalode and Ogbewankwo area.

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