EDUCATION SECRETARY, the odds against Aboluwodi

The first tenure serving out Local Government Education District Secretary, Hon Aboluwodi is set to go the way of his predecessor, Hon  Adeogun Jelili  who set the record of being the first to serve a tenure unlike their predecessor Hon Akpata who served out his two terms and was even ready to attempt the third term.

Unlike Hon Adeogun who was an active politician was said to have stepped on many toes in his tenure and had a running battle with the then Council Chairman, Hon Kamal Bayewu,Aboluwodi was not noticeably a politician or rather said, he was a quite type who luckily hooked on  the then influential  and powerful  Hon  Paul Kalejaiye who made history for him.

It is not known how Hon Aboluwodi wants to survive the murky turf of returning for second term, especially with the kind of statement being credited to Ajeromi leaders over the office which is pointing to the fact that the leaders may not be in favour of his return for second term.

The leaders are quoted to have said that they are not willing to concede the tenure to Ifelodun axis even though Hon Aboluwodi is not their choice candidate. Part of this permutation was revealed when some candidates from Ifelodun wanted to lobby for the position.

However, the factors that will play to approve of his second term or not are examined thus: External forces. This is almost the strongest of all the factors that can make the occupier of the office or his return for second term. The external forces include strong political influences that may suave the direction of the thoughts of the leaders of both Ajeromi and Ifelodun and this would have effectively worked during an election season or period or a transitional period when a leader from another clime can banter a position here.

Baba Oluwa Factor; principally, the apex leader of the All Progressives Congress party, is a determinant factor, any politician in this clime will readily reconsider his plans of standing against his candidate. The other political personalities that would have suave Baba’s position are said to have political aspirations that will not make them have the guts but simply ratify baba’s choice.

The two Council Chairmen and two Constituencies Assemblies are political figures that may lobby others for candidates but, can they really muster the guts? Hon Ayoola of Ajeromi, aside being baba’s stooge may not boldly support any candidate outside of baba’s choice especially as he still would need a second term and same for Hon Luqmon Olumoh who just got in.

As for the Hon Constituency representative at the House of Reps, Kolawole Musbau Taiwo who just got victory at the tribunal and Court, is not likely going to push for a different choice of candidate for the office after taking the slot to represent the constituency with the help of leaders from that divide.

However, unconfirmed sources finger the All Progressive Congress youth leader, Hon Luqmon Jimoh as a replacement from Ajeromi leadership for Aboluwodi.

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