Marriage is not a favor for the woman

Awana Phoebe

Marriage is not a favor for the woman
We continue this series on relationship from the last edition.
Every man’s desires is to have his own woman and vice versa. God made
women as support pillars for men and so women should stop seeing
themselves as inferior or not worth it. Most women have lived with
this mentality all their lives and this has limited them both
spiritually and materially.
Women should understand that marriage is not a favor; rather it’s a
mutually beneficial to both parties.  A man needs companion and
support, so does a woman need love, care and attention.
It is also important for a woman to see herself, as God’s wonderful
creature. The word of God says that ‘’he who finds a wife, finds a
good thing and receives favor from the Lord’’. Every woman should have
it at the back of her mind that she is a plus to the man she is dating
or married to. Women are plus; support, help mate, lover and mother to
their men and assert to the men. She also helps the man to build his
Women are unstoppable force. They have the will power to push,
encourage, and inspire their men to achieve greatness.
A woman is also a weaker vessel. Weaker vessel means she is delicate,
fragile, soft, and teachable. She must be willing to listen and learn.
She must also summit to the authority of her man, if she desires to
build a strong home. No man wants a stubborn and a dictator for a
wife. A submissive wife is a pride to any sensible man, though men of
this generation don’t appreciate that, it should however not
discourage any woman from being who God wants her to be. In addition,
there is power in submission and God can use it to work wonders in any
troubled marriage.
Marriage is all about sacrifice, commitment, patience, tolerance, and
only for matured minds and those determined to make it work.
A great marriage is built on a solid foundation with God as the head,
for it to last and stand the test of time. Any other foundation aside
God’s words and commandment will not stand. Most marriages are built
on wrong foundations especially starting from the courtship stage.
Most of them are built on material wants, passion, lies, deceit, lust,
wrong societal influence and lack of fear of God.
It is just about an individual preference and priority .Therefore
marriage should not be taken for granted or seen as an achievement. A
broken marriage has the capacity to make or mar your future especially
the lives of your children and generation unborn.
One of the many prerequisites for marriage is preparation. The
importance of preparation cannot be over emphasized for single ladies
and guys who desire to build a peaceful home mentally, emotionally,
physically and financially. Stability is important.
– Work on your character
– Invest in yourself
-Discover yourself
– build a strong relationship with your God
– be determine to live a good and godly life
– be purpose driven
– stay happy.
Aside preparing for it, it is also important to be intentional while
dating, ask intelligent question, and take note of those red flags
either from yourself or spouse. If you know both of you can’t live
with or work on your character, you have to move on. Be sure he loves
you and willingly to walk with you till the end. Take his actions more
seriously than his words. Watch closely how he treats others. That
will tell you, how you will be treated.
Above all, ask for divine direction, let God lead you, not your
emotion or lust. Let God’s words be your guide and allow his light to
shine on your path so that you will not hit your feet.

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