Babaleke’s ruminations that keep tongues wagging

Hon Sunday Adewale Ayodele aka Baba Leke is a political Octopus, a sort of an oracle; he has been an interim administrator at Amuwo Odofin, an apex leader in Ifelodun and because of his political wisdom, his words are not usually taken as a pinch and that is why this seemingly innocent thoughts of his, had sparked off these reactions.
The road to choosing a successor to Hon Fatai Ajidagba on completion of his tenure will stir not a small rowdy storm on the political scape of Ifelodun come 2021, especially among the four major groups, because Coming to equity according to Baba leke, any of the four major groups, that will be lobbying others or negotiating for the slot need to ask themselves real critical questions, like which group has taken what and tasted which, they need to be realistic also.

Typically speaking for his group, Baba leke said,Hon kolawole Taiwo   came on board in 1999 for the Assembly seat, he stayed 16 years and Hon Taiwo’s group was isolated regards to chairmanship throughout the period and Allied group was there two terms through Hon Adenekan who even resigned at some point and bequeathed the remaining part of the tenure to Hon Adigun who completed a year and six months of the tenure.
ACO came on board and in between Ajidagba and his second term, PMG and Allied groups came in as executive secretaries where Fimee(Hon Femi) served as Executive Secretary.
Would it really be fair for ACO to aspire for Chairmanship now when they are holding Assembly or for PMG or Allied group to come to lay claim to chairmanship.
In fairness, Hon Kolawole Taiwo group has to produce the next Chairman .But going by name, I respect all the aspirants that have been showing interest because they are all capable and qualified. But, we will achieve peace if the leaders can come together to agree on who produces chairman and another group to produce the vice because while Hon Taiwo held unto the Assembly, the other groups had other positions which was not given to Hon Taiwo group. I am not commenting now but no group can take monopoly of power in the Local Council Development Area. ACO has produced a House of Representatives member in the person of Hon Olusegun Ogunbanjo because Ajidagba, Ogunbanjo and  Ajijola combination constitutes ACO
In a quick instance, some sources in Allied group claim that Hon Kolawole Taiwo had agreement with the Allied group when he was canvassing for support for his House of Reps ambition. Inside Ajeromi gathered
that the Allied group had categorically told him they would support his ambition but he should remove his interest from the chairmanship slot. Another Chairmanship aspirant who has been a member of the HKT  camp
  said   he would  be the last man to be tied down to the whims and caprices of Hon Kolawole Taiwo as he only worked for him to achieve his House of Rep ambition and he is of the opinion  that nobody or group will concede chairmanship to Hon Taiwo’s group and if the group hopes so, they are day dreaming because it is not possible and especially as everybody has  politically wizened up’ “Besides, everybody understands now that the political anointing
comes from the state or National, however, on the road to the emergence of the next chairman, many things will still happen that will decide who emerges’’ he revealed.
But as for Hon Nallah, a two time former Councilor and Supervisor and close confidant of Hon Ajidagba, he thinks people should not be concerned with which group produces the chairman because for him he does not care whether it is Hon Taiwo group that produces or the Allied group though Hon Kolawole Taiwo was in the House of Assembly from 1999 until 2015 rather his major criteria in supporting any aspirant will be the fact that he/she would be capable of sustaining the achievements of Hon Fatai Ajidagba . “I will only be willing to support a quality candidate who will perform as creditably as Fatai  Ajidagba  and without mincing words, ACO is capable of producing such candidate” Interestingly, he said, even the state recognizes that Hon Fatai  Ajidagba is one of the best Local government chairmen in Lagos State, he is a performer and In this time of our Local government history, we want people who can bring drastic change in Ifelodun and that is why, I am a friend of all the caucuses.  I fight none for sake of politics, but I always speak my mind. Hon Taiwo and Adenekan know me very well,
because I support every good step. For Hon Aloba, the Head of the Media Team of the Constituency representative,  Hon Kolawole Taiwo,he does not really want to comment on the Chairmanship issue because it is like dissipation of energy. The current chairman is still yet to finish his tenure and after then anything can still happen, including Interim administration and especially Politics being very dynamic, such comments would be wasting of saliva. “Please, let’s leave the matter until we get to that period”, and for Hon Suara Arikewuyo, former Political assistant to the Special Adviser to Lagos Governor on Rural Development, and former Deputy leader in the Ifelodun Council, he’ll not support another candidate from another group other than ACO because a Yoruba adage says, ‘though your child may have flat buttocks, but you cannot take your jewelry or expensive beads to decorate another person’s child’. At least, ACO has not produced a Rep member before, so when it comes to Chairmanship, I will support any person that ACO group ask us to support.

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