ADEBOLA:Ahotelier,School Proprietor and hospital owner is one of the people who desires to take over the helm of administration at Ifelodun Local Council Development Area and in this interview, he bares the reasons.

Let’s meet you
My name is  Adebola Alaba Kazeem, the Proprietor of Victory
Progressive  International  School . I am also a Pastor, the General
Overseer of Burning Flames Tabernacle of Victory Ministry and the
Chief Executive Officer of Adebola Recreation Centre.
There is this rumor that you have joined politics, is it true?
Yes, you’re right. I joined politics based on vision on what God
revealed to me as a man of God, as somebody who is a leader and a
preacher of His word.
From prayer, I got to know that God is calling me into politics. With
that kind of call, I’ve told people that I am not going into politics
to become king over the people but to serve my people. That is why I
am not running after anything.
I am going as a servant to the people, why then should I run or
compete for service with anybody. It is not possible to be competing
for service; it does not make sense for somebody going to serve the
people to be competing. Its only people that are going to lord it over
others, that would be seen with such attitude, doing everything to be
on that seat.
But people like us cannot be associated with such character and I will
not allow myself descend to that. I cannot compete with anybody
because I am going to serve the people with the whole of my heart.  I
thank God that the present Chairman, Hon Fatai  Ajidagba, has done his
 I met him when I received my vision that God wants to use me for
Ifelodun . I informed him what I received as vision and I also told
him of the need for continuity of his good works.
He has done well so far, and we need somebody who will continue from
where he will stop and God knows that person. God owns the power, the
position and the imposition, so when the time comes, God knows the
person that He would use and so there is no need of fighting or
turning anybody to enemy.
We are above that and we should not even allow that to be practiced in
politics. Everybody should be our friends, neighbors and colleagues
and that is exactly what I am urging all religious leaders in politics
to encourage others. Politics should not be winner takes all.

Which area would you want to improve on when you take over as the
Chairman by the grace of God

Yes, everybody would have his own agenda or plans, as a I said, God
has given me a vision. Hon Ajidagba in terms of infrastructures, good
roads and empowerment of the people has really tried.
Ajidagba has laid a very good foundation but he has not finished all.
We will have bad roads that he cannot finish, but if Ajidagba does 20
roads, another person would improve on what he has done.
If Hon. Ajidagba build one health centre and another person builds
more, it will not be a bad. If he helped the students in schools,
taking them on excursion, providing benches and uniforms and somebody
continues on that, the community is the benefactor. If we cannot give
light to the houses, we should be able to light our streets to reduce
If we cannot tare our roads, we can make the bad roads motor able and
do drainages. We can take care of the youths,

We have a lot of our youths from school to the streets, does this disturb you?
Yes. Every one of us cannot be journalist like you, or engineers,
doctors or accountant; we still have some other works. For instance,
after I left school, I started my own school and I believe all these
our youths before going to university, we can give them thorough
advise or guide and empowerment instead of allowing them end up in the
There are a lot of ways we can empower them, just imagine Uber cabs
and even O’pay motorcycles. We can buy it for them and you see them
knotting ties and doing the work. I have seen university graduates
operating keke maruwa .They can manage those things until they get
better things to do.
We can give soft loans with zero percent interest under close
monitoring, as they are working they are repaying. We should not give
room to any idle mind to become devils workshop. Our local government
is not too big for somebody to manage.
I went to Redemption Camp recently and I learnt one or two things
there. I saw that as big as the place is(about two or three local
governments)yet, early in the morning, you will see the PSP people
going round every street packing dirt, they have bags, nylon and
containers where dirt’s are disposed. Tipper and a sweeper clearing
the whole street, any street that is not tarred is neatly graded. They
have the machine that is doing that on daily basis and our local
government can do same.

Your recreation centre is a very noble idea, tell us about it.
Yes, the recreation centre is doing fine, people come from Festac,
Badagry and other places to this our recreation centre. I am happy and
proud to say that this is the first swimming pool in this place and I
built it for children. The idea is , what we are seeing in Festac and
other places, can be seen here too. What other children can enjoy in
Festac, our own children can enjoy it here.
Ajegunle children are not different; they can also enjoy the good
things of life. My happiest day was the day they started enjoying the
People from Abule Ado, Ikotun use Adebola recreation centre to learn.
The recreation Centre is three in one; zoological garden with about 21
animals there. We have a learning hall where they see domestic animals
through projectors and they also watch documentary as well. So, the
one they cannot see live, they view it with us.
We have horses they can ride or swimming pool and people prefer
Adebola recreation centre because we added learning to the recreation.
We give the children education in the form of entertainment

How would you replicate the type of creativity you employed at Adebola
recreation centre in governance in  Ifelodun LCDA if you  take over as
the chairman?
Yes, I really appreciate Hon Fatai Ajidagba because when I told him
about the recreation centre, he saw it and promised he would make sure
all the school children in Ifelodun LCDA come here to learn. He has
started already and he promised to continue.
 The other time, he brought some children personally because he really
appreciate the place and sincerely I never saw any local government
chairman taking children on excursion but he came here with them. By
the grace of God, if given the chance, this idea that I got from
University of Ibadan , I will deploy more creativity in every area of

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